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  1. Yeah I wanted to post over there but I can't figure out what the embed tags are to post videos.
  2. skinny jeans with a grateful dead belt buckle
  3. Anyone know if this trick has a proper name? Underhook plasma spin? Galaxy flip? I can do em off ledges but I have to do like a quick footplant first. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_gKgitf8QU&feature=youtu.be
  4. How many blind graffiti writers do you suppose there's been over the course of time? If I ever lose my vision I'd probably write on stuff a whole lot more... Who's going to fuck with a blind guy anyway?
  5. Hey you write Absorb too? I guess we're Absorb brothers. Propped. I however do have to say that you're the handstyle Queen, not king though if there's a tampon in your piece.
  6. Yeah I mean, it wasn't a huge fucking deal on the news that Revok got popped over there and his visa got taken away.
  7. Crikeys! You haven't heard of Pose on your side of the pond have you, mate?
  8. Yeah, i mean, if your definition of "Style" is biting Pose's lowercase e's than fuck yeah bro them shits is burners!
  9. First time on the thread... you guyz lyke my arrowz?
  10. bahahahahaha. you seem like the slowest kid. got a problem with prescriptions downers don't ya?
  11. if being a tard will give you the balls to do all those caveman/boneless gaps and drops then sign me up for the short bus velociraptor crew asap
  12. Oh you're a legit skater and don't like circus tricks? OH WELL!
  13. vans halfcabs, cargo sweatpants, northface black and grey striped hoodie
  14. dope shit Dzel. any new styles for 2013?
  15. Late flips do look nice slow mo'd. Nice slow mo double late kickflip in this video:
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