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  1. now that's how you paint a one of a kind car!
  2. how fast does trout art ship? i don't really need boston thins if theres somewhere that ships faster.
  3. there was "better days 2" that had paser in it and it was mad boring to watch.
  4. C45 Rich Amen Denz MFK Kuma HBAK Maple PRISM
  5. i pissed blood once. i thought it was kidney stones but i was pretty young back then doctor just gav me some antibiotics and it stopped.
  6. i threw up at this kids house the other night. he's mad as well.
  7. Vegan Night Ich Spook SICR Aest Sigh MEcro
  8. Lotsa good! Mecro PUZL Reup Cemek 27 Gable Oniks Erabik Avert
  9. i knew girls that were locked up in cali with a bunch of mexicans that said it wasn't that bad. pretty sure girl jails are a lot easier than guy jails. could be wrong on this though.
  10. you swear? i heard they take the pressure real fast and your left with like 1/3 of a can of paint you can't use.
  11. I prefer bar drinking, but i don't have much of a porch.
  12. isn't the H next to the eyeball high5? it was on a CSX autorack.
  13. High 5 Felon Isto Agent Dice Motel wholey
  14. that last sept kinda looks like Setup to moi.
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