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  1. Gravette Real Street X Games Munich. Mofuckin walrride to manual to boardslide down a 10 rail without even popping. Looking to scoop a 9ish size deck soon like one of these with the early 90's shapes: or or
  2. surprised 2 c this coming from a mod. dude was in 12 oz the magazine back in the day i believe. anyone remember the off shoot mag "The Vapors"??? All pictures.
  3. Those AX freights look kinda cool.... New England what! Free Kode!
  4. That K looks real nice. The highlights aren't consistent throughout the whole jam though.
  5. Amputee skateboarder that can do a front blunt and a 360 aerial aswell as a variety of other tricks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0tgymsXpAs
  6. The "O" on that joint is real fresh. Nice work Seyor.
  7. holy shit! how'd you managed to photograph sasquatch AND put your book infront of him?
  8. NEckface. Dude does not seem too boring.
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