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Everything posted by RuthlessStreetsAssassin

  1. Yo I got an old SoTwo Sketch someone PM me.
  2. Yo I got an old 06/07 SoTwo sketch by Osk. Someone get at me.
  3. Fuck yeah!! XD 21 fuckin kills it! Got some mean shit in PGH.
  4. All right I'm callin this shit out. First of all there's already a fuckin MH out there. Second of all MEAN jocked MEAN from the original MH. Third half of the shit to come outtah MHA is garbage. Makes is acceptable at times, when he's not side bustin. Take your asses to a new city and throw some paint at the wall you might get respect cause here it's just not happenin.
  5. Get this. There's a MEANONE MHA(MostHatedArtists) in PGH. Hah knock off queer. RestWithGod to the real MeanOne MH.
  6. What the fuck happened to posting PGH flicks and not talkin about the most toy cat in town? For fucks sake.
  7. Hedaqe and Moter are the only two worth peepin. What is the others? Keze and Zewoh? O_o
  8. That's what I'm talkin about! Bump Ono Vom Necs Sayer Jesse
  9. Christ. Just post flicks. Fuck your opinions. #Bump Vomit.
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