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  1. Also I still miss you cleas, inspirational since day one
  2. Thank you Noel jones For keeping this dying thread alive. If I had a phone then I would post what's going on in the Austin scene. for all the lurkers Snap a few pics and upload them , it's not that hard, just remember to take the exif. Data out
  3. anybody in chile who is down to link up send me a pm
  4. recién llegue a santiago, alguien quieren mostrarme algunas partes, mandame un mensaje
  5. i have a feeling dude will die in the hospital due to "critical condition"
  6. I don't think Dorner killed for personal gain but rather to prove a point. he did let random people go. the innocent people that he killed turned out to be the daughter of the police chief and her husband. he showed how police can do whatever they want instead of following the law and taking him in custody and holding a trial. they killed him knowing that the tactics they used would burn the house that he was in down. and im also weirded out by all the people chanting usa..
  7. bump head straight crusher also bump niets solid fills on his throws
  8. http://www.keyetv.com/news/features/featured/stories/texas-lawmakers-take-graffiti-penalties-995.shtml baker got a lotta shine
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