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Everything posted by BobbyBrownsGoldRope

  1. you owe us a thread for the free promotion space
  2. I am not reup I like to see fliks and don't care for opinions. Keep it in the streets
  3. Stop crying online and put it in your diary
  4. Your company should fire you for being a toy
  5. can I use some ones scanner I have a bunch of hard copies.
  6. Nice to see all that chicago flavor, those clean trains!!.. all my posts were deleted as well
  7. better have me in her will.. it's hard to find a job with so many domestics on the record
  8. good job on dry snitching where she works.. maybe you should learn how to get a bitch inline
  9. nice..since we can request how about some Menis and Jeka
  10. because feds won't step in...ohhh wait they already have have http://www.nbcbayarea.com/blogs/prop-zero/Prosecuting-Medical-Marijuana-Feds-Flex-Their-Muscles-131360983.html bragging rights aren't worth 5 fed time
  11. helping the feds build cases must make people better graff artists.
  12. kars doesnt care he will just snitch on more people
  13. do you want the people to put their socials, government names, and where to find them on any given night with their posts too? Or do you just like to make it easier for the police in baltimore
  14. looks like ironlak. shit fades pretty quick
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