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  1. fat joe should be takin E somewhere with some skinny bitches brushin the hair of his baby blue fur coat. 50 will run circles on dude
  2. what are you yappin about ?
  3. whats this 004 thing all about ?
  4. like REALLY burns. Bothm!
  5. what else is new? people are STILL idiots. How can you still be confusing these 2? bioth been writin for like 20 yrs.
  6. that shit made my arms and face turn fire hot red, and itchy. fuck that shit. felt like i was gonna have a heart attack, face puffy as shit. fuck that shit.
  7. sick pictures gettin posted
  8. or did he lay down 3 rounds of incredible highlight clips for Dana and then went to his hotel and got mad dubai hookers and is laughing at yous right now as you read this? lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  9. How i see it, Silva was already fighting his next match after round 3, knowing Gsp would be home for the next 6 months watching this fight over and over and over, he shut down and decided notr to flex anymore habits or whatever. the fight was his so he ran the clock out. end oif story, boo hoo to all the people who came with their affliction shirts and mohawks who wants to see someones arm get snapped or someone put to sleep.
  10. and did you see how Silva ran behind the referee for "protection" as a joke. LOLLLLLLLLLLL so funny.
  11. I love how people have nothin to say about Silva so they just say he's an asshole, lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll The psyche game is part of fighting, and its all style and mental, that strategy is the same as Ali used to do, the same a Jordan playing ball. The guy bows to his apponent and shakes his hand afterwards, what happens in the ring is fare game, if your big bad jujitzu master can only land one punch the entire time, then stop worrying about how much of an an asshole silva is and talk about how Maia wasn;t supposed to have gotten that chance to even be in the same ring last night with Silva.
  12. SILVA FIGHT SUCKED? are you people blind? He got completely fuckin BORED after round 3, and basically said this guys isnt worth showing any more of his skills to his next fighter sitting front row taking notes. He's the best who cares about amazing tko's when youre where he is, Miae's nose was BROKE, dude gave him a round or 2 of pure MERCY. Dude was bored, not tired or lazy, bored out of his mind, you could see he lost the will to even bother after round 3.
  13. This nigga said "toyish" You sound like a toy sayin some dumb shit like that.
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