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  1. fucked up the 3d shit looks clean mutant. I think the n should be a little curvier to match the e's or come to a thin line to match the v, but that's just a personal preference and it definitely doesn't look bad as is
  2. redeyedanimal needs to stop being a fucking asshole and negging me for no reason
  3. rise your s looks a lil big but it works. bueno that fill is tight. crits appreciated.
  4. thanks man that's definitely the letter I struggle with the most.
  5. anyone got some flicks of 295? not quite in the city but close enough
  6. thanks for the throw yokai, I like the E alot, I might bite that a little, with some modifications. If anyone else wants an exchange I'd be down, just lemme know what to write and if it's a piece/throw/hand.
  7. yeah I know I don't really do them on the streets I just can't help but try em since they're kinda part of my area's history. but thanks alot, took me awhile to find a good P style. anyone here wanna do a throwie exchange?
  8. ^for the homie TEEF says TEEPHS crits would be cool
  9. This ain't the only body out here. trust.
  10. I'm down, just tell me what to write.
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