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  1. >>>Please dump this thread<<<
  2. I went out with a bugsprayer 2/3 full of paint latex-based. 1/3 of water I filled it up at home packed it in a trashbag where it proceeded to leak all over the effing place, and when I got to the spot all set up rety to do my thing, the peice of shit wouldnt hold pressure, it made this gurgling noice, it was very difficult to pump, and when I sprayed it, it shot out like 3 feet forlike 4 seconds? wtf? did I break it by overfilling or what? when I tested it full of water, it worked fine.. any suggestions on what failed?
  3. lol XD holy shit noodz ?? woooow >.> yeah im for realz id design it myself but im not as advanced as most of you here are, as im sure you have seen with the few pics i have posted in other threads
  4. XeNa


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xiyNBWy8lB0 This makes me want to cry! makes Maine look like a Toys R Us!
  5. I want to add to this... I was thinking a comic strip or some graf stuff
  6. a lot. I figured no one would do it for free. I understand graffiti is art and i want a bunch of stuff i am going for a full sleeve ill put up a pic of what i got so far
  7. I need some ideas and help designing the rest of my sleeve. I have a cartoon quarter sleeve and I need some ideas to add to it. I was wondering if someone would draw a wildstyle verson of Zena and N8iV for me? the best design ill give whoever has the best idea 15$ thru paypal or M.O I want it that bad. please dont flame, I know im still a toy so I dont want something horrible going on my arm. I can draw realistic things, but thats all i been drawing and im still a noob at drawing cartoons and my graf style still needs practice. id really appreciate the feedback.
  8. XeNa


    I know this is probably a lame question and i'm prepared to get flamed for this but how do you get a stencil two-toned? I just got into stenciling and when I add a 2nd color I always mess it up. Any advice? also, are you guys pasting up posters or just spraying onto a wall? what do you use to protect it from getting buffed?
  9. XeNa

    Toys post here...

    Can I get some feedback plz
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