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  1. Nove..


    old homemade
  2. Nove..


    anyone know what the long and thin markers are in this flick? ive seen them so much, just aint got a clue what they are
  3. Nove..

    What pen?

    bunch of sarcy cunts i was thinking it was 30mm http://www.graff-city.com/product_info.php?products_id=907
  4. Nove..

    What pen?

    what is he using to it that wide, any ideas? http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/31/tagsn.png/
  5. Nove..

    graffiti addiction

    graf is just another addiction to add to the list for me
  6. Nove..

    Has Punk/Heavy Metal ruined graffiti's 'style'?

    punks were doing it long before it became apart of the hip-hop culture
  7. Nove..

    !!!FREE 10 F00T!!!

  8. Nove..

    Caught in the yard. :0

    since when has that been the right attitude
  9. Nove..

    Caught in the yard. :0

    linking up with people who already hit yards is a good move
  10. Nove..


    whats your point then?
  11. Nove..


    it says nove, it's going round in a circle
  12. Nove..


    i saw that dase outline when i was last in amsterdam a few years ago. It was in the red light district near the grasshopper i think, i have a picture of it some where
  13. Nove..

    Ironlak price rise

    illuminarty paint has actually gone down in price