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  1. false,you can go fuck yourself massgraff. jk. tpbm has eaten at joes crabshack and gotten foodpoisoning/been violated in their parking lot by a gang of ruffians.
  2. keep half sell the rest,get your monies up.
  3. your missing the big picture,2 heads are better than one.... i shouldnt have to spell this out for you.
  4. true to the hating coconut M&M's, false on the closeted homosexual part Haha. tpbm went to college.
  5. the chick at :46 is hella fine.future wife haha. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rkyoMgEBNY my music stays slowed up.or slowed down.either way haha.
  6. 2 posts and already the fools catching tampons haha. i cant remember what the documentary was called,i saw it when i was in like 4th grade maybe but i remember it was on tlc and it was about writers and i remember them hitting up the subway tunnel and talking about how the fumes could catch flame and explode or someshit like that.anyways there was a few scenes where some kids were getting busted. shit was pretty cool. i wish i knew what the fuck that was called. props for anyone who has seen it and remembers the name...i feel like reminiscing. first time i ever heard of graffiti at all so its pretty important to me.
  7. you know that you could have put that all in one post right???
  8. WRONG. this is in all actuality a bikini wax.
  9. btw pert learn to negaprop properly...
  10. NASCAR SUCKS. seriously.growing up in the south and in the midwest people fucking love this shit.i remember this one lady who was in mourning for like 2 weeks when dale earnhart died.shit is rediculous.its cars going around in a circle 500 times.whats interesting about that? people going as far as to call it a sport? nah...but to each his own i guess. you know if they were to just cut out all the racing parts and just edit all the crashes and random drunken fights in the stands i think it would be worth watching... i can feel the negaprops armada coming.im ready for it tho.
  11. hahaha.please.who the fuck eats in the bathtub? im not that hopeless. pedro swindle
  12. foot fetishes make me go hmmm.i dont see what so sensual about having some crusty ass feet rubbing up against your junk.let alone put a foot in your mouth.
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