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  1. ColdCashMoney

    To document your work or not?

    I think you'll be grateful in later life for documenting everything significant you do. But for tags and throwup I don't really bother with pictures (unless it's in a particulary nice spot like a girls boob). The stuff I really wish I had now 20yrs later is the graff I did in the beginning.
  2. ColdCashMoney

    Need help finding a font [Urgent]

    Avant Garde my man, that's fontz 101!
  3. ColdCashMoney

    old stylized letters

    The level of detail on them is crazy, is that some kind of type specimen book?
  4. ColdCashMoney

    a TON of train outlines for you to sketch on

    good stuff, thanks.
  5. ColdCashMoney

    Why do guys pick graffiti over girlfriends?

    lol funny thread... it's all about balance yo!
  6. ColdCashMoney

    Fire Extinguisher Fillin

    that's wicked... would like to try it but I'm a little nervous about pressuring those things...
  7. ColdCashMoney

    -Graffiti Books-

    been looking for the Blade book online without success, anyone got a link?
  8. ColdCashMoney

    Old Cans Of Paint, Serious Collectors

    "Rigid Economy, Mon?" lolz... never noticed the scottish connection in the design before.
  9. ColdCashMoney


    This is crazy nice, I didn't realise they could take other nibs, the T-nib looks cool). Its the kind of pen you could tuck into a suit pocket on the way to work (if it doesn't leak of course...lol) Tested it yet?
  10. ColdCashMoney

    Tshirt preference and graphics ideas

    I like a nicely cut medium, with an obscure cultural reference that few people are gonna get (I'm elitist like that) the design doesn't even have to rock solid if the message is right :)
  11. ColdCashMoney

    Design Art Markers

    Fresh looking pens... are these old or new?
  12. ColdCashMoney

    Eurotrip Part 2 (Travel Superthread)

    Hey Y'all. I can't find any info about this but I'm coming over from Paris to London on the Eurostar. Is it cool to take reasonable quantities of paint on the Eurostar? I saw on the website they don't like flammable liquids but nothing specific about spraypaint. Anyone have experience taking around 10 cans over?