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  1. Word..dope, dope, set of flicks.. I miss the good old days when it really was special. Not to say that there is not lots of good graff that is up now ,still goes up on a regular, and lots of younger generation guys who are coming up and really putting it down . However if you were lucky enough to have been here born and raised in these 5 Boros since the seventies as I have, this was truly a place like no other in my opinion. Between the days of the trains running throughout the city with whole cars beautifully painted in tight quarters and let's say less then optimum conditions totally burning. To the mid to late eighties with the rise of the street scene with countless legendary writers like Joz and easy , JA, sen4, Vfr, seen, pj, jest, nes, bone, met, chino, stak, oe, dash, ghost, ket, gate rockers, sue, hec, nose, highway killers, Caine , r.i.p., and fib, two of my favorites for reads on the highways in queens. Up to all the destroyers of the 90s rise of mayhem and utter debotury. Whole crews like Tmr, led by Saint and Sent and Bl one, or pest, rocking the roads and streets. To some of my favorites Ykk and Mta, Ftr, with Kez 5, and Skuf, Giz and Kech, Ve rip. Sn, slash , Desa, and Dg rip. Those guys were literally everywhere you looked . They were seriously flooding the streets JA style, total wreck shop bombing..blessing everything. I mean JA alone helped bring bombing to new heights a few times over. Really carried it on his back. Laying it down the way he has. I'm sorry he's one of the best if not the best ever. That's just my opinion but nobody loves graff more then me and at 43 I am still on a life long mission to be a writer, maybe not out there killing it illegally but since I was literally 6 years old I have written graff whole alphabets in every style I ever saw to learn it blowing through whole note books in a sitting learning to write my name in every throw up and tag style I could possibly come up with. Then piecing doing productions and finally taking on up to 13 names because there are so many letters I always wanted to put together and mess with all on a quest to answer the question ! What is graffiti? It's a movement. It's a way that you follow the 3golden rules of going small to big big to small or you arch weighting your tag Ina way that follows a certain style so that it will work. What is working ? Following the flow of that style so that all the letters are from the same style following that same movement and not breaking any basic rules like using upper case letters and lowercase letters in a mixed up way . That's just my opinion but I try not to do that either keep it all caps or all lowercase. My point is in no way am I trying to say I'm the man or even that you would have even heard of me. I have always written for the same reason for my own love of this art form. It must be amazing to have fame like these guys but that's just not my destiny . But I do believe I was destined to do this . At 6 years old in the streets of Brooklyn I remember really noticing graff. It was like it spoke to me . It chose me not the other way around . All I had to do was see it. I have never stopped since. It's been the one true constant in my life. To JA I say thanks for carrying graffiti and bringing it to new heights . And to those guys I mentioned and those I forgot to thank you for helping him make it special. For me it's not a hobby or something fun. It's truly part of who I am.....71
  2. Ja xtc, has always been my favorite writer. I have always followed all his stuff and read anything I could every find on him, as well as graff in general. I have been a writer and follower of graff literally my entire life . One of the things I remember reading about Ja was that his first stomping grounds was a spot down in the tunnels. I also read over the years that smith was one of the most extensively versed in the all around knowledge of the tunnel system. I think we all know how Sane smith was one of Ja s best friends, so I'm sure his knowledge down there is amazing. I myself have dabbled here and there but never really knew anyone like that that would take me to really explore down there. I would love to see someone document it all into a serious book. Maybe one day when Ja is like eighty something and stops bombing so hard he will write his own autobiography. I for one would love to read it. He was literally built for graffiti. I wish there were more of him out there to help carry the game into the future, but no matter what I will always consider myself one of the really lucky ones to have grown up in this culture from the beginning until now. Born and raised in New York I have witnessed it in all its glory from the jump pretty much......71
  3. esar71

    RIP DG

    Never had the pleasure to meet Dg but being from Brooklyn new York, I have always been a huge fan of his work and longevity. May he rest in peace. His legacy and statis in the game will remain alive in my mind and the minds of those his work touched.. Respect to the king DG. Nwc..
  4. Dope, dope, shots on these past few pages..I love seeing all the trains, plus highways killed the way it should be. Brought me back to when I was a kid...what a special time it really was...71blessed to have witnessed it all in person...live and in affect.....old new york city....graff life forever..
  5. Much respect to all the work in this section..tons of talented people. I truly love graff and do it every day of my life in some way. Ill never be the best, but I will never stop trying to push the limits of what I am capable of acheiving...respect..Ser 71..Gc2 Duch..piece for my boy..
  6. I always give props and respect where it is due. I also stand solid on my views as they are just my opinion. Writers always seem to want to hate each other, and beef all the time, to see who is more gangsta or whatever, but I mostly find it sad, because if we as writers , the ones who do this mostly out of complete love and devotion cant appreciate our fellow writers stuff who is gonna. With that said big up to nemz, mint, serf, news ,si, and same. All of these guys have mad skills. They all bomb hard, and have style to boot. This is the kind of graff we need to keep flooded in the streets. It will always do wonders to motivate.others to get out and put in work of there own plus serve as inspiration for newer guys coming out who might love graffiti but just need some direction as far as.fine tuning there style... I myself have always tried to be the whole package. When I learned how to write I learned the whole alphabet in every style possible. I never even had a name for probably over a year. First off I was a little kid,.and secondly I would just copy tags off the walls of the trains to try to learn how to do all letters and flow. Funny looking back I learned how to write graff before I even new how to write english in kindergarden. Anyway big up guys. I salute your dedication, effort and longevity. Thanks for helping to keep alive and guide the art form that is like air to me. ...7deeone.. Graff life ...:cool:
  7. Respect to diar, and his crew of brothers. I have followed freight train graffiti my whole life and diar has always been a main player year after year...sorry to hear of his accident, thanks for your dedication towards this art, without it I would surely be lost....7deeone..
  8. Havent been on the site in a while, but the new updated version looks sick.. rest in peace, korn. Shout out to all writers that are out there putting in work to keep graff alive, and hopefully continue to rise.. I have followed and done this art my whole life. I was 6years old on the streets of brooklyn, when I first really recognized gtaffiti. It spoke to me. I have been on a diehard mission to write graff ever since....I love this art form....now and forever..graff life...7deeone...
  9. to this day, my favorite writer hands down..I can truly say although many great piecers, bomers and vandals of all eras since the beginning of graff have influenced me greatly. No one writer gets me pumped to see graffiti still go up in the streets, like JA. Respect to this man for all his years of hard work and dedication to the game....
  10. Nice thread..easy and sen4 killin it..Respect to korn, false, katsu, ja always, ket clean train ruler, and all old train writers forever..miss the old new york boy..graff life baby..7 deeone sun..
  11. Back from the dead..Big up to my people in the 3 building..Shout out to Ja, Kez5, Skuf, Giz, Kech, Rest in piece to Ve, Sane, big up to all of acc, ykk,xtc,mta,2dx,ris,krt,irak,BROOKLYN, all of NEW YORK CITY, and all my real street bombers out there still keeping it alive..Ser 71..80s and beyound..
  12. I love how graff is back on the rise, these days..I love driving around seeing allot of those old familiar names, back where they belong..Big up to all those real lovers of the game putting in work this year..Respect to Lewy for hitting the brooklyn bridge..Insane Takes allot of heart to hit a spot like that knowing the heat it will draw..Gotta respect his hussle...7deeone true lover of this art form from day one...Brooklyn baby...
  13. 7deeone son circa 03 Queens..
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