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  1. Its a data cd, as in it won't play in a cd player, but if you toss it in your computer it should have 2 folders, one for each side of the tape, as well as a track list and the cover photo. I probably should've specified that. Or, i just forgot to burn one of them.
  2. I never keep up with this thread, so i'm not sure if i'm supposed to use ridiculously hard to figure out shots of relatively obscure films or go for pretty straight forward shots from relatively obscure films. And since i'm positive that the last one is from Martyrs, here you go:
  3. Quickly, in here! Who is driving? Oh my god, bear is driving! How can that be?
  4. I don't think you have any idea how taxonomy works.
  5. Crossfire is for politics and the likes and ch0 most definitely isn't just for "teh funnays" which i assume you equate with random pictures in every thread and lolcats. CROSSFIRE Formal off-topic discussion. News, politics, and current events. CHANNEL ZERO General off-topic discussion. Casual conversation and humor.
  6. http://www.npr.org/blogs/monitormix/2009/10/chuck_biscuits_19652009.html RIP
  7. bump. Photothreads ftw. Its a shame how they have a tendency to disappear amidst the bullshit so quickly.
  8. I know where i used to live, Landlords legally had to give you 24 hour heads up before they could enter your apartment. Obviously, if they knocked and you allowed them in, thats a whole different situation, but if they wanted to stop by and check out the place or show your apartment or something, they have to tell you 24 hours beforehand. Look into your tenants rights and if he has to give you 24 hours, go talk to him and say you don't appreciate him randomly stopping into your place. You don't need a reason to not want someone randomly coming into your apartment, even if it is the landlord. If he continues coming into your place, you could file complaints against him and he'll probably catch a fine or if its a recurring issue and complaints have been filed before, there could be legal trouble for him.
  9. It was a 10footer. Not huge, but not small by any means.
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