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  1. stolen from..http://aeroglyphx.blogspot.com/2009/03/definition-of-style-dc-style-graffiti.html


    bloks be on them BLOCKS!!
  3. for what not leting someone dry snitch on me?? he wanted to start that shit up again
  4. ^^ and dont you look like a white fat fuck that swears he is from dc but whole time he is not?? i love how you went from ridin dick to acting like a bitch just because your up and all the times you have talked shit about me online vs person just does not add up lls.. and u and ur girl look like meth heads
  5. first of all i had nothing to do with any of that beef my nigga had wit yours i was there when your boy asked mine wats gud i was standing there just like you were because i was not invovled with it at all im not bout 2 pop of and fight some one i dont even know just because my homie had beef with and especialy when nothing happened you know what happened no one fucking ran or doged nothing and that shit is over and done with i never had beef with of yall niggas me and your boy saw each other at the bench and squashed it and that fight between my nigga and yours was supposed to be a 1 on 1
  6. blahblahblah...SHUT THE FUCK UP yall niggas gon be talking about shit for days keep shit moving this is not a chat room !!
  7. oh and by the way that was not me tagging the train asshole
  8. :lol: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WejnzYaMyI WE HIT TRAINS WHAT WHAT?
  9. not even alll that unless you want a old gift car number
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WejnzYaMyI
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