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Everything posted by spoooooonz

  1. hahaha the homie keze. thas whatsup
  2. yeah paintin all the time is tight, but the self promo's really gettin old as fuck.
  3. this aint oprah winfrey. take that shit to pm n get tha fuck outta here wit that shit
  4. bump to tha next page. 'kobi kill't eem on this one! post the beast n moe if u got em too. not from ohio but still
  5. got some disposable flix cause im a hipster like that!
  6. 1struler, please show this nigga the exit
  7. ardvark myy duuude i see u got 14 posts... LETS KEEP IT LIKE THAT!!
  8. since when did this thread get so gay? r these dudes seriously making plans over 12 oz? the fucks goin on here
  9. dayumnnn! bizzity bump!!!
  10. bump that hedake! shitted on em
  11. hahaha.. n yeah tearin bitches rectums duhhh
  12. dammmmmmnnnn. that awal acet obese jus kill't it!
  13. ...i'll let the flicks do the talkin. im out
  14. ayy RIEL!! ur shits busted, dont talk to me
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