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  1. got a feelin i know wr this is, cant be that old due to the zimer tags all over it.
  2. puzle wca is fresh alrite big him up. is that book about melbourne history still available or a sell out?
  3. dope jake aod and the puzler. fresh.
  4. bro the top piece (nots ?) is funky as. nice.
  5. what country you do those in bro?

    Sento - TFP

    Re: sento what is that extreme piece painted on ?
  7. forgot to add... if you dont like this page for wotever reason keep ya raas mowt comments to yaself and dont fuck the thread up. chur.
  8. I realize thers an Auckland and Wellington thread already, but I just thought id try spark somethin new. truth is im a sad boring twat that just wants an excuse to chuck some of his fliks up. anything in NZ or done by NZ writers overseas, anything goes except veichles (paso's, fr8z, trucks etc). fliks of tags, throws any walls or woteva ... heres a few ive got scanned already ill do more thru the day...
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