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  1. dude, i dont know him and he doesnt whore his shit. so actually that is alot. BTW EVERYONE I JUST TALKED TO IRONLAK AND THEY SAY THEY ARE PRETTY SURE IT IS CANCELLED, NO ONE KNOWS WHAT WENT WRONG, BUT ALL I KNOW IS THEY GOT SO MANY WRITERS HOPES UP FOR NO FUCKING REASON. Ironlak claim they were just sponsores and not promoters or anything so its not there fault. SO DONT STOP BUYING THERE PAINT AHAHAH. Its fairly fucked that they are allt o embarrased to admit it or something. unless it is still on, but yeah dont quit ya day job.
  2. HAHAAHAH dude you hasve no idea. I personally have about 30 pictures of burner illegal vans pieces
  3. One judge is from msk and the rest have nothign to do with lak.... instead of finding the shit side of it you could just look at it as a bunch of dope writers coming to aus so we can go there and look at the dope writers doing dope pieces, check out wu tang and go for a paint in a dope city...
  4. everyone seems to be leaving out vans, he has as gooder chance as anyone at taking first place. Also, i have feeling it wil be judge mainly on composition, and out of these writer i would say vans has one of the firmest grips.
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