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  1. BHL is ... ive only ever seen them at the garages or the one building two blocks up
  2. man, fuck people, scope it out real quick, then boom!!!! about a minute or so and you should be done
  3. when i walked into the water cannel near our house and noticed my brother and his friends doin some bubbles on the walls
  4. hahahaha, once, did about the top 2 ft in marker.......came back and ppainted over it like 2 months later ,ahaha, it was great
  5. i think fat joe use to write "crack" , he still might , anyone have info on this ,lmk,and EAD
  6. between midnight and sunrise.......after sex, and i dont wanna go home, i go paint.....
  7. creative art supply in riverside so cal suite 1 3257 market st (on 3rd st side of the building) riverside ca 92501 951 213 6013 or 33third in LA.........best and cheapest paint around, plus they hook it up with some nice promo deals, online too
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