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  1. ^^^ what the fuck @ 420 Adrian 420. xD
  2. How do you seriously remember the name of that caterpillar? Anyways,Thanks man it was my first throwie.... And yeah it was pretty dark and i didnt really have an idea where i was painting. :D
  3. It was dark as fuck so shut up. ;D
  4. Just wondering whats so bad about these? never really used one but whats the con and pros of it?
  5. wow you guys have been writing for along time.. Good advice.. Inspiring.
  6. You sound like you respect the game and know whats up and i think i get what your trying to say... have respect for the game,dont focus on on whats no going to get you further.And stay up. Yeah i have alot of shit to learn but i think it'll work out in the end. Im a go check out those writers and see whats up. peace.
  7. How much is shipping from the oink site? what about bombing science that place any good? and hows the shipping.. (i live in california.)
  8. Well how long did it take you to get your throwies,pieces,scribs down? Are you satisfied with what you have right now? I know i am nowhere near as good as i can and will be... So what about you guys? How long did it take for each thing.
  9. Yeah i guess i gotta keep practicing... anybody up to sketch me something that i could probably work on/from? I just wanna see how others would do it... names abre.
  10. This actually sounds like good advice... But i just wanted to no if it was at least half way decent cause iwant to go out bombing with some friends and dont want to make my self or them look bad....
  11. Yeah im still "toy" as you guys say i've been Writing for about a week, But i still practice daily and i still get up with simple scribs... Now i know that that this is nowhere as good as most people on here but i still wanted to see what you guys think i need to improve on. This is just a simple throwie, i made it simple since its just a throwie that i want to be able to throw up really fast. Please i dont want stupid comments saying toy,gay,GTFO, i just need some positive criticism Thanks in advance.
  12. This actually works i've done it before but the only hard part is finding stupid kids... Now days kids smoke so much weed the know if its good or not by smelling it a mile away...
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