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  1. wow i hope you made this post as a parody, because this is just too much......
  2. Silver is pretty dope.
  3. haven't posted here in a while. says arpegio, just in case it came out a little hard to read
  4. It's an interesting start, but you don't seem to fully understand letter structure yet. for now work on simple block letters and don't add any extensions or arrows or anything, just letters. do this and they would be easier to read also.
  5. dope as fuck eido. simples at their best, nice work. just work on your 3-d a little bit, but still good.
  6. BOOM1969: nice simples man, like the bolsak sketch better. the B needed some work though, the vertical bar doesn't match up, but everything else is tight. i understand what you were trying to do with the 3-d on the second sketch, but if the letters are coming from different directions you got to try to make every point of the letter match up to the vanishing point. props.
  7. oh my bad sech. disregard that then. then that goes to whoever it applies to. fuck.
  8. SECH: step number one: lose the ego. That shit ain't going nowhere. Step number two: get rid of all arrowz or extensions. Step three. learn basic letter structure and start from scratch. Simple letters. i'm not hating, these are actual steps that will help you improve in this game. On the other hand, i like your fills. nice choice of colors
  9. SALTINE: your 3-d is off, but in general it's dope. RECNEPS: i like that first sketch better.
  10. JUST: you're one step closer to having style, even though it seems like a long ways away. props. KOTE: dope keep it up
  11. amazing how many starters like to write SOUL. if i remember correctly that was probably my first name too! anyway, like ocean said: SIMPLES
  12. site, what happened in 2008 where your style suddenly shaped in to what it is now, did another writer influence you? props.
  13. DR.SCAPE: on the character the only thing that bugs me is his right arm. there's a strange lump after his bicep and it looks like if his forearm was joined by only muscles and skin. you could extend the length of the forearm a little more. the style is dope but try looking at anatomy of the arm to get that straight. just my 2 cents.
  14. great idea for a thread. looks like the name "bolsak" gave you more options for style development . nice post.
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