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  1. Hi, I am again trying to promote a friends site. It is a web which is focusing on helping people to solve their issues in relationship. What do you think about this idea and the site? www.confessionhall.com
  2. thx for all fedback... some was useful
  3. Hi, I found this great forum by googling writers forum... Weird right? :-) Well anyway since this forum is focused on writers on walls and so I was wondering if there are some article writers among you. A friend of mine has an OpenBlog to which subscription of own article is allowed from any users. So anyone who does not have a blog but would like to write own articles may at www.open-b.net please visit and you will see. Maybe OpenBlog is the right place for you. (OpenBlog is topic-free therefor you can make a post about graffiti if you like)
  4. ahojvole


    Sometimes hard to recognize the shape but very cool graphics
  5. I was looking forward to this
  6. nice shirts man... where did you get them
  7. ahojvole


    Those that look like a birds claw are cool
  8. was that even international man? I dont think so
  9. nice pieces of work... well done
  10. why is this a thread... could you not put it in some other youtube thread
  11. This one above is amazing. The use of color is just great
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