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  1. HSAMSnoytiC

    What's your occupation?

    wow. you truly are an edmonton oiler, how sad.
  2. HSAMSnoytiC


    wow. talk about contravercial. he wins. you lose.
  3. HSAMSnoytiC

    Short Chinese people

    this is quite humorous.
  4. HSAMSnoytiC

    Who here drinks High Life?

    your lying. and you should be hung.
  5. HSAMSnoytiC

    The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)

    word bro. thats whats up. i also notice that you are a toy troll whos characters are artistic but dont really fit into graffiti at all. so pretty much your words are irrelevent in my world aswell as my culture. and see, the problem with having a "graffiti" style but not being good enough is the fact that your "style" is also not good enough for other brands of "art" my advice to you would be go to your nearest art store. buy three exacto knives. the ones used to cut lino's etc... walk out the store and proceed to slice your face up with one of the exacto's until a crowd gathers. remove your left eyelid and present it to the first male that walks by and your second removed eye lid to the first female both at the blade tips of two of the three exactos. use your last remaining exacto to remove your testicles and place testi's into mouth at either side of cheeks so you look like a chipmunk.. then wait. wait. and wait. dont chew. once youv let your own balls sit in your mouth no less than 3 minutes stab yourself repeadedly in your forhead and facial regions.
  6. HSAMSnoytiC

    The "Your Day in Pies" Photothread (non artistic)

    im not sure how well received those Dap pics in this thread will be, but you made me laugh. and wanting more. that shit was great, but to short. i wanted to see what happened in family court, i wanted to see what his family looked like. and then i wanted to see how the rest of his day went. shit was comedy.
  7. HSAMSnoytiC

    My gift to the oontz

    lol @ pm dawn takin me back to like grade 7
  8. HSAMSnoytiC

    Who here drinks High Life?

    your name is annoying to look at.
  9. HSAMSnoytiC

    Who here drinks High Life?

    clearly you know nothing about graffiti, graffiti trends or being real. that being said if i was you id sit back and enjoy the ride. these witch hunts are pure comedy. this is who/what your dealing with...
  10. HSAMSnoytiC

    Yo Seattleites...

    the homie Khazm lives in beacon hill. south seattle yayerrr.
  11. HSAMSnoytiC

    Dear International Olympic Committee

    i predict some CRAZY assed terrorism to go the fuck down in Rio. MARKMYWORDS. i said it first. im talkin somethin big. and to whomever said "alberta" was the richest province in canadaland is a fucking labodomized baboon. texas owns half of alberta dummy. your oil, aint your oil.
  12. HSAMSnoytiC

    you favorite sexual act

    only non hermaphrodites ralphenstein. so i guess yer s.o.l.
  13. HSAMSnoytiC

    Baby wipes, yeh or neh?

    i like to think iv given a couple poo goatees in my day to girls gettin to brave with they deep throats.