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  1. lol.. its not a fixie, how is it hipster? lame sauce
  2. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhQyQ3LO60LUOp4BsM
  3. http://worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshh2qfZ7o3dO0EjaPlN dude gets WORKED
  4. when you get a nice bag of some really good & loud weed, only to find out theres 6,998,574 seeds inside the shit
  5. ill take your mother dorothy out to a nice seafood dinner and NEVER CALL HER AGAIN
  6. you just fell 30 yards behind making any sense what so ever.
  7. i was paintin freights in the daytime one day last summer, ganola as a matter of fact, and im finishing the fill when out of nowhere like 20 meth addicts hop out of the damn thing full of scrap metal to make a few bucks on, so i started dippin out when the dudes were like, your cool homie do your thing we aint snitchen. so i was like fuck it and kept painting. well about twenty minutes later the dudes were about a quater mile down the line away from me, when the dude that said i was cool got macked by a humped gondie. i was like holy fuck, this dude just got killed, and his dudes took his scrap metal bucket and bounced with no remorse.
  8. ive lost a bag and an ironlak jacket.
  9. technically, dumbass, you did have a post located above me. this thread requires you to diss someone above you, not diss the immidiate person above you. so assclown, accept that you fail at absolutely everything, your pleasure comes from you trying to get fellow homosexuals (Richard Pryor, sausage party etc..) to come out of the closet and admit something that they just arent comfortable with telling at the current time. so therefore you ultimately humiliated yourself, and just shut yourself down for the rest of time to come. p.s.- Bitch.
  10. benny and the jets was made by your husband. rob halford called you homo.
  11. you "popped one off" during your last prostate exam.
  12. you're a stupid ass grandpa-buttfucking, tweety bird-nutsucking, dildo butt-thrusting, ugly, black, unclean, filthy ass jungle bunny.
  13. and you sure are excited to see whether or not they will, why dont you just suck them both off?
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