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  1. you guys should do what they do down in miami, throw hurricane parties and what not...
  2. Be careful if you fall under the fourth quadrant of the hurricane - that's where all the tornadoes are.
  3. dude sharing garages or basements sucks, better handle that before they move out with half your shit
  4. ^fuck man:cry2: anyways im out of swag need more swag
  5. god made adam and eve, not adam and steve
  6. Band: The Cure Liked: Killng an Arab Disliked: Boys don't Cry Next : Tiger Army
  7. Latest Earthquakes in the World - Past 7 days Worldwide earthquakes with M4.5+ located by USGS and Contributing Agencies. (Earthquakes with M2.5+ within the United States and adjacent areas.)
  8. I asked the Quija Board and it said the end is near...
  9. Strike anywhere like wooden matches
  10. That and it was Mitt Romney - the repub. who came up with that one...boy this presidential election next year is going to be INTERESTING!
  11. I think President Obama's logic to that idea, If you force everyone to get Healthcare, assuming that insurance companies want people to purchase a plan of one form or another. You tend to see that NO ONE wants to be forced to PAY for health insurance. You see where I'm going? Demonstrating that the reason people don't want health insurance is basically unaffordable in the first place. And I have a little anecdote here about insurance - I pay about $160 a month for United Healthcare, the first time I went to go see a doctor - I had been paying into the plan for a good solid year, when I went to the doc my insurance came out invalid. I couldn't believe my insurance was invalid - I have been paying into it, why the fuck !? I called United they said my name was never registered...yet they were still charging me? Fucking aye.. now if it was a clerical error or just bad business practices - these bastards should be a little bit more responsible when it comes to people's lives.
  12. so i been growing my hair for 4 years pai mei
  13. United Healthcare - with whatever dental and medical -no vision tho ...not sure about the plan name gotta check
  14. that's what i have +plus aflac for accidents - My hands are worth 10 G's
  15. No wonder you can't do it, you acquiesce to defeat before you even begin.
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