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  1. Whos drunkin Bat-bitch up there?









    Soooo...I don't know if you guys remember this lady, she was posted up before, and it's complete nonsense with the kids being present. anyways I diligently tried to find the identity of this lady, and with no luck, but I did find her blog, shes a German exhibitionist....


    Heres some of her work...













    And here's her - getting railed by some Holocaust victim...



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  2. protested the war on terror? how about supported bush and the iraq war because it was a war against islam...


    i liked the guy too, but lets not twist what he did.


    Islamist extremist not islam, this i what he criticized about that war.

    Criticism of George W. Bush


    Prior to 11 September 2001, and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, Hitchens was highly critical of Bush's "non-interventionist" foreign policy. He also criticized Bush's support of intelligent design[88] and capital punishment.[89][89]

    Although Hitchens defended Bush's post-11 September foreign policy, he criticized the actions of U.S. troops in Abu Ghraib and Haditha, and the U.S. government's use of waterboarding, which he unhesitatingly deemed as torture after being invited by Vanity Fair to voluntarily undergo it.[90][91] In January 2006, Hitchens joined with four other individuals and four organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union and Greenpeace, as plaintiffs in a lawsuit, ACLU v. NSA, challenging Bush's warrantless domestic spying program; the lawsuit was filed by the ACLU.[92][93][94]




    The best memory I have of this guy, is watching him getting hammered on c-span not giving a fuck...

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