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  1. THERE ABSOLUTELY REDICULOUS and you should be beatin in the streets for wearing them.
  2. wrong. theres hundreads and hundreads of people including tons of toys in this "crew" that have been duped into thinking its something more than a clothing brand by these guys in order to hit it up in there cities/hoods around the globe and spread the word/hype. brilliant marketing strategy actually. fo real. so ya, sorry toys. but you aint msk. your hitting up a clothing line. well played tho T7L. :lol:
  3. rad pics suki. dope vip lounge fo sho. crown's the draaaank son. but did you really need to take flicks at the slaughterhouse?
  4. this is insane. maybe ill go there.
  5. yet another thing us canadians can start smuggling into america. oh and guess what. price just went up.
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