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  1. i seen the dude at the store standing next to it as it opened up the other day. woulda been a kool flick.
  2. Your thread title captivated me but your story failed me. Disapointments aside. Unless I'm backstage or at the very least on guestlist I rarely hit vancouver shows anymore. I'm quick to wave the flag but this cities scene in anything I care about has gotten younger and younger and more and more diluted. Fuck scensters and culture rapists.
  3. your not seriously comparing having to physicaly throw 10 - 15 people out of your way to get on or off the train too having quieter rubber wheels. are you?
  4. thats fact. shit son, mexico or NOT. some dude inna crowded subway starts opening fire im sorry, but the last thing imma do is try to tackle this nutjob while he repededly shoots me:lol: ill stand back n watch. maybe make an "OHHH" sound while he merks someone two to the dome. but try and catch me heroing it up for no reason other than to feel good about myself at the end of the day. not bloody likely. and ya, mexico cities are gully as fuck, the price of human life low and bullets move real fuckin fast. get a fuckin grip.
  5. i agree. but i certainly aint puttin blame on anyone for not.
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