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  1. agonizingly antagonizing me hurricane force cyclones of thought
  2. false - I didn't even realize people paid attention to the Olympics TPBM knows where that ounce of hash I misplaced is and wants to tell me so I can smoke a hash blunt
  3. syllables of speech and beat you're mentally processing the word defeat
  4. spectr

    The Haiku thread

    I ate the moon rocks my girl gave me a blowjob came inside my girl logged onto the oontz 2 word verse thread is so dope haiku threads better bloody mollytov the breakfast of champions can't wait for the burn lost an ounce of hash i want to smoke a hash blunt where'd I put that hash ice cold 50 lb delivery to my front door attached a gas mask completely fucked up nitrous alcohol molly give me some acid still cant find my hash this post has taken a while my girl is passed out gonna wake her up my dick smacks her in the face hope
  5. I bomb harder then psionics but hip hop phonics got me speaking ebonics
  6. I see the beaten path/traveled by heathens and trash
  7. I don't battle babbling rabble I feel bad for those who try to battle battle
  8. spectrs spectating spectators shackling slavers sinking ships savoring screams spleens split
  9. fucking little snitch! dude needs to get his kneecaps broken. Seriously though props to whoever knocks this dude the fuck out and posts a video of that shit up here... EDIT: was talking about the graffiti dude, not that faggot bitch LOKI who should know he can never show his face around ever again, once a snitch always a snitch!
  10. eh whatever indica get at me I finally just logged back in and got your message but your pm's are full
  11. spectr

    The Haiku thread

    database error oontz crew, seriously I expect much better
  12. spectr

    The Haiku thread

    i'm drunk nigga what nitrous oxide balloons die no more gas for me whiskey and grade A's sick of my fucking ganja got any purples? tank is on its way love fucking delivered ice cold fatty gas
  13. oaksterdam sucks balls... measure z... sucks balls... oakland runs stuff under measure z which the city council never acted on... leaves oakland wide open.. but yeah the dam sucks... kids from there don't know a head from an ass....
  14. spectr

    17000 post

    dude seriously..... lets go drink some beer in a week I swear I wont crash the boat....
  15. spectr


    So I'm currently looking for someone to do holographic design work for me. I have a few business I could use but the start up is way to high on them. I figure I would check 12oz looking for someone who does this and wants to get his start with repeat business if the price is right. Things I need... Laminate - 3x6 - 5mm at least, plastic Iron on lettering - ? holographic posters - diff sizes holographic embroidering- ? 12oz trolls need not apply......
  16. spectr

    The Haiku thread

    bags dont fucking work ballons go pop bags dont work filled with blue steel tanks
  17. spectr

    The Haiku thread

    wishing i was drunk my liquor ran the fuck out so now im oontzing
  18. spectr

    The Haiku thread

    now suicidal not that i wasnt before more liquors involved
  19. you know these guys? seem then a couple times....
  20. 100% terrorist and i know there is a photo or two of me to back it up
  21. spectr

    The Haiku thread

    Naked redhead milf I can't remember your name I still have whiskey! Last night I was drunk today seems just as much so waking up to rage Whose this cute blonde chick how'd i get into her bed grab my stuff and go my hats at her house awkward if her roommates home I don't know her name crown bombers by 2 bbqing with big blunts what happened last night my iphone is broke no money in my pockets smoked a bunch of weed hi pretty 10 pack hiding inside my pocket where did you come from half gallon of crown magical nectar of gods mornin
  22. wow! so you kids should fucking know better. Ok there is an article, so I assume a bunch of you know each other and have your sowing circles. So I assume you all walk down the street and see what the front of newspaper boxes look like? So I am going to assume that within a short period of time you can all talk about this with each other. I want to make a point here. So what some paper writes isn't common info to certain people who would otherwise never come across that piece of paper. But what is posted on a known spot, where VS from across the globe goes to looks for information..
  23. shut the fuck up. If you were sorry you would have never created this situation. If you wanted to take it to pm's you would have instead of ruining this thread with your faggot bullshit. I'm faded and really should go get in the hot tub with my girl and have some fun tonight. Sorry I didn't post a new sketch but im about to go hit the hot tub. If you really want one I will send you one man, all you have to do is ask over pm's and stop ruining this thread. Yearz as always rocking it and killing it. Boston heads know the real deal and know what the fuck is up keep crushing it and keep this thr
  24. QUOTE=MMoody322;8133022]http://www.Cavity-Lab.com CONCEALED IDENTITIES: Until kelly takes your pictures FREE DRINKS So you mean it's ok to get drunk and do some graffiti? Oh yeah is kelly gonna be there? Hey look at me I really need to let kelly take fucking pictures of me while I'm drunk acting stupid cause there was free drinks.. so is there going to be free heroin as well? Yeah stop promoting this shit on here this is the second post I saw about it... just to explain this..... You are a fucking retard your art show is weak and I don't want to see another post a
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