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  1. CityonSMASH**

    Spell Check

    actually no, i was refferring to how you figured out how to outright make an entire post speaking on the overuse of the letter 'C disapear. MOD. or magician...
  2. CityonSMASH**

    Spell Check

    and this is why, your name is 'Smart. /goodhearted sarcasm. please dont ban me :)
  3. CityonSMASH**

    Spell Check

    this is absolute fucking FAIL. obviously by know means am i some spelling officianodo but for chrsists sake if you own/run a place of buisness with any kind of letterhead get your godamn shit right. this aint 12oz this is real world realitys of buisness. fucking FAIL. 1st pic watch for : *katchup x 2 (along with the correct spelling once) *potatoe (aswell with the correct spelling once) 2nd pic watch for: *pneer (some indian shit that they spell "paneer" directly below it) *spinch x 2 *fetta x 2 (should have one 'T) *peproni x 3 and before you get going on the "canadian pizza" iv NEVER in my life even HEARD of putting a "hash brown" on a fucking pizza let alone ate one. initially i wrote this to put on the flyer to signify this is real and not photoshopped but it looked so damn fresh on my desk i had to leave there for you toys to toke on.
  4. haha fief still rockin out. guy surpasses so much turmoil yet keeps killin it. Maps tag lookin koo.
  5. easy: what you do is poor yourself a tall glass of room temperature urine, collected no later than yesterday afternoon. crack an egg, add salt to taste. stir. walk to your nearest computer, laptop preferabley so as you can remain mobile during said excersize. enter http://www.12ozprophet.com into your browser. wait. then once the screen goes grey and a mac add appears click it. twice. three times if your a premium member. then, sip accordingly as you browse. open the section known as "third rail" gulp. puke. screenshot... your welcome.
  6. two words: FOG RAW woops. i mean: FOIS GRAS
  7. CityonSMASH**

    Spell Check

    Take your hand off my leg.
  8. CityonSMASH**

    Spell Check

    Erkle actually made sense there. Surprisingly I understood. *Because of 12oz I learned the difference between your and you're. I'm in my car right now but I just reached in my glove box for something and I got twilight zoned cause of something I put in there a few months back. Its a pizza delivery flyer me and a homie found on the ground one time and for some reason decided to read. The thing has a rediculous ammount of spelling mistakes. Ill take a flick when I'm at home. Huxtable it appears your googling has payed off for at least a brief minute of your otherwise useless existance. I'd say thank you but I'd rather not. Instead I will part by saying your an idiot.
  9. on my comp there steady mac. on my bberry there steady tag.
  10. CityonSMASH**

    Spell Check

    actually NO YOU DIDNT. who the fuck says "kind retards" as "opposed to mean retards" just like your fraudulant spellcheck bullshit your fraudulant when you explain yourself. plastic bitch.
  11. rad flicks. best thread iv seen on here since my "PICTURES OF FAT PEOPLE AND/OR CRYING PEOPLE" RIP LivingProof.
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