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Everything posted by HIPHOPDONTSTOPATOP

  1. ill just let you have you lil fame homie... im not starting shit with you.. i made a suggestion and u make a dumbass remark....so just stick to your own graff and dont worry about my shit.. if my shit concerns you so much do something about if not keep it as is homie.. like i said and ill say it again im not dissin u or talkin shit.. and im not not lil ass kid thats comes on here and brags about my shit... Atop IsMindz..
  2. i think rome from nmu and rome tck should battle at the meeting of styles... just a suggestion..
  3. umm last time i recalled i didnt know we have to have a style to toss someone up that passed away... soo then dont refer to me as a toy... im not no toy i do get up when i want and again didnt kno there was a rule or a law that states you have to get up everyday.. i do it when i please.. soo again if anyone has anything to say to me say it or forever hold your peace...
  4. Well mr. mastermind show me your work.. or your just a graffiti perspector that just talks ans says hes comments and dont post shit...
  5. Damn such a shame too lose another writer this week.. Rest in paradise Dash.. AtoP oneR IsM creW Chicago..
  6. As i just seen on a facebook status from ket 1... case 2 has passed away this morning..:(
  7. Found this amuse tag on Stumbleupon.com
  8. You need to shut the fuck up... or better yet.. come make me stop typing u ignorant bitch.. what u write neways hoe..State ya name and crew..:D
  9. you jealous u cant get at her..:lol:
  10. u just contradicted yourself.. dont come in here with that bangin but u just said d blank.. thas the same thing.. and i was one that did that.. nice pic live..:lol: :lol:
  11. so can i date utah if shes avaiable??
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