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  1. its ok, he lives in melbourne, you can get away with that faggotry over there
  2. fuck us? good start faggot, stick to your oil painting faggotry
  3. nice opinion Jack. funny cause your so dope
  4. because your not a sick cunt with a degree in gfl if you dont hate on people.
  5. thats pretty ballsy chris
  6. your self promotion is not wanted here, you're not respected. go hang out in mt lawley where you fit in.
  7. you mean to tell me there was another TDB crew at some point in time who no longer are together nor get up? oh noessssss!
  8. nope, just another stupid 17yo
  9. no shit, so bad, they give u a cup to poor your beer in before you leave. in tokyo atm, been all around japan, def reccomend the khaosan chain hostels, they are dope!
  10. lol i know nothing right?
  11. when did you think you knew anything about letter structure?
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