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  1. about that... http://www.businessinsider.com/lil-wayne-stitches-skateboarding-accident-2011-8
  2. if there were no internet, running into this outta towner shit would change everything i knew about graff
  3. super bump Smash137 one of my all time favorites, bummed to have missed him
  4. BUMP Bogus SNK and the out of town one
  5. The History of American Graffiti by Roger Gastman, talks about the graff scene in most major US cities. I don't know who their Detroit contact was though, but it looks interesting
  6. np, yeah their two seperate guys. I posted the link to the guy who dissed the revok's stuff a few pages ago. His "project" is called brixel or something like that, his website has his real name i think. From the look of his website he plans on going over even more graffiti. He's using it as away to cover graff and stuff cause he sees it as a lower form of art. I'm waiting for him to get a whole wall so it can get dissed
  7. doob will become boob write cope 3
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