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Everything posted by artfinder12

  1. Bump that Pane81 handy lol
  2. I take it Danger was dropped from UC? Also, anyone out there? Looks like Instagram killed the 12oz star
  3. And the hella faded Much Much HM by ArtFinder12, on Flickr
  4. Finally got this highway thing Mbers HM by ArtFinder12, on Flickr
  5. Big ups to Duwop for bringing the old school ish
  6. And that spot in like four stories up. It's a blast. Viper, Mebs, Show, LDT BTR Guts.... it's dopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. No, for real, anyone seen this piece this close? I loved this spot, and since I moved I think it's gone. So, likesay, please comment if you climbed up here. Or just hit me up on flickr, I check into that joint like a million times a day. Show BTR by ArtFinder12, on Flickr
  8. I'd like to know too. Anyone else posting on this page? Seems pretty dead this month.
  9. Ha. The least up "writer" in CMS or KG lol
  10. Totally random Revok freight find in St. Louis. The Lost Revok Freight by -under construction-, on Flickr
  11. Later y'all. I'm out. Glad to be going. This scene is just too stupid.
  12. Yeah, "This city" is right.. at least some cats are tryin to do good work, helpin make shit rad instead of ugly. Sabot, Nausea, Qaek, Dozer to name just a few. Glad thems keepin shit on lock!
  13. Got up close to this one finally. Obces LD by Artfinder12-STL, on Flickr
  14. Fights between people with three or less posts. Okay kids.. move along.
  15. Get a better camera homie! Bero KG by Artfinder12-STL, on Flickr Nausea, Dozer, Vergl, Evor by Artfinder12-STL, on Flickr Qaek LD by Artfinder12-STL, on Flickr
  16. Damn.. them Tropicans..
  17. Tron BB by Artfinder12-STL, on Flickr
  18. My bad. I'll learn how to read sir. You should learn how to spell, however. "Creepin" doesn't have an 'A'.
  19. "Creep while we sleep"? Didn't Super put that up all over the place?
  20. Mulehog by Artfinder12-STL, on Flickr
  21. So which CTO member is biting the Mulehog Fish so hard? I mean, it's damn blatant. Mulehog has like twenty years under his belt, not the guy to bite homie!
  22. Rad highway spot. Been there a minute too. OE, Nausea, Qaek LD by Artfinder12-STL, on Flickr
  23. Durag LD by Artfinder12-STL, on Flickr Ake LD by Artfinder12-STL, on Flickr
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