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  1. ether is a HERD ASS? yo man wtf is that? LOL
  2. that was my point too but fools miss my sarcasm too. the hypocrisy of this place and blogs that play favoritism is redic. also the said cop has not been a cop since 2001 and was a subway king and in the ris and aok crews but its cool for loud mouth to blog his ass like it was cool to blog about utah and other mul's. its all not a good look
  3. that h20 mul spot is off the chains smore tahoe i see you. mulegends!
  4. oh come on, revok blogs about a high profile LA writer and a RIS crew member gettin bagged but its all gravy dog? not to mention the link to the wyse story with his name and all is on the front fuckn page of this site and that bombinscience site so i think niggaz know what popped off. i just think its a joke to cry foul that someone posted a link to the news story but revok blogs about every nigga getting bagged. free wyse dc5!
  5. suks when other people get pulled into others high profile hijinks http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?hl=en&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=375l1831l0l2020l10l10l0l2l2l0l241l1580l0.5.3l8l0&q=cache:8SakuahdslsJ:http://revok1.com/+revok+blog&ct=clnk fuckin cops getting desperate on account of how much shine and dirt they doin
  6. holy shit that is dope:eek:
  7. DOC has so much style with any name
  8. yo sorry yall took offense it was a joke. first thing that popped into my head when i saw the flick. i lived in chicago and down south for work for a bit but im from the north east so yea i know about old CT graf as well as whats up from mul. i havent written in years but i keep up enough to know the deal ya dig. dont get all bent over some net comment.
  9. them old bar styles with the veto looking fills were so much iller then this polished looking shit. i can respect it but man in the mid 90s dude was on top of his game. original letters and hot shit at every spot in CT like for real this and earlier
  10. hell yea skratch masta kyle! SID! them old styles are so ill! come back to CT and drop some flavor in CT back when with the boys
  11. damn utah getting down for hers! yall keepin it in crew:lol:
  12. yall be talking too much, these last several pages have been BS other then that bez step it up CT or them Milford cops gonna run you down going 90! :o
  13. i thought per ran this crew into the ground. nice to see them such pieces tho. lots of style
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