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  1. i've been seeing those stickers everywhere, wkt is really getting up :lol:
  2. ...that bottom fast throwie got some mad style!!
  3. the_um

    Character Post

    the undead by rohkus, on Flickr
  4. ...dope 2can piece!! i was staring at this one for awhile...
  5. ck_11 by rohkus, on Flickr fck_11 by rohkus, on Flickr
  6. the_um

    Ici Montréal

    now that is stylish throwup...!
  7. the_um


    e_box1 by rohkus, on Flickr door1 by rohkus, on Flickr
  8. the_um


    is the vandal squad calling government workers to buff it out? I know company walls buff them out themselves the next day, depending what area your in...:D
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