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  1. i gave my counter offer. anything less and hit ban cause i aint interested.
  2. if you fucktards think im jumping through any e-hoops unless i get my trophy back your absolutely high. fat lady. sticker on ass. i get Calicokes name back and premier membership.
  3. LEVEL 75 PALADIN:[le-vel sev-en-tee-five pal-ay-din] Use paladin in a Sentence –noun 1. one whom lusts and falls in love with 14yr olds while attending collage 2. to be "played" 3. to burst up into flames in said relationship and "post" a "thread" about the heartbreak and lack of self esteem looking for "props" and sympathy on a popular graffiti web forum known as "12ozprophet" 4. to fail -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Origin: 1585–95; < F < It paladino < LL palātīnus imperial functionary, n. use of adj.; of greek beginnings meaning "to get played by a lesser female" See web results for paladin See images of paladin
  4. Post em up. i aint got SHIT to hide. you aint gonna find nothin in those that i havnt wiped my ass with on one thread or another. your the grapefruit banning me over bullshit. i sit around n have fun. you got bitter cause i cheated someone out there name, that they WILLINGLY gave me the password to. and thats whats bullshit. why the fuck you ban me because some drunken V'd out kid gives me his p[asscode.
  5. :lol: no. but dont expect anymore lumber crossing the border. eh.
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