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  1. Some cool stuff in here... Loving this thread. Thought i'd contribute.. EDIT: can't get flickr to work..
  2. don't know if this will work... but this has got to be a contender for the worst
  3. most of the stuff i have read here is either bullshit or thinly veiled brags... I have plently of shameful stories. One stands out for me. One night went to a party and didn't know many people. this big ugly bitch was hanging around me like a fly on shit. I ended up getting pretty drunk pretty quick and wanted to leave, so i accepted a lift home from this girl. I can't say i didn't know exactly what was going to happen. Didn't want to take her to my place, so i took her to one of my mates garage. She started gave me head i couldnt even stay hard. Went to fuck after a bit with my limp dick. She had a filthy smelling cunt and i went there anyway. Afterwards i went outside and vomited. I sent her on her way and walked home.. I just remember showering 4, 5 times, and feeling like I would never get the smell of her off me.. I felt so ashamed of myself. She told her friends too, and it got back to some of my friends . I denied it of course. Saw her years later.. made me gag....
  4. keeping it simple... at work and only had a red pen for colour...
  5. havn't posted in ages.... Was a bit bored so i got carried away... kind of fucked out the letters a bit..
  6. midgetfeltch


    im only a social drinker..... only prob is i really like socialising... I don't go out of my way. but i end up drinking every night..
  7. pushing mongo is alright if your riding switch,,, just saying...
  8. this isnt intermediate... pretty much everything here just belongs in the toy thread..
  9. i used to live with a guy that took ALOT of acid. Was an interesting experience i never want to re-live again. We ended up calling him Turtleboy. one morning at like 3 for 4am some my friends saw him diving for turtles in this creek .. When i asked him about it. He got really weird and told me he was looking for firewood.. was soo fucking odd.. Came home from work one day and he had re-located his whole bedroom to the tin shed in the backyard, in the middle of winter. Lived out there for at least a month without electricity. I remember one night me and my ex were kciking back in the lounge room , he walks into the room with his amp and guitar and turnsoff the lights, lights some candles and then just played this crazy 15 minute guitar solo, then he just turns it off his amp and walks out without saying a thing. Things like this were the norm.. He was a strange strange character. We put up with him for a while, but when he said he enjoyed listening to me and my girl fucking - he had to go.. Ended up barricading himself in the house.. was some crazy times
  10. midgetfeltch


    Every time you try and quit and don't do it, your slowing chipping away at your will power..
  11. sounds like your need to grow up more than anything.. not a quick fix for everthing. How about dealing with your shit
  12. pretty random photo dump from what i remembered to flick during the hols.. i thought i'd share...enjoy... five dock skatepark on way home drop in to another park home to relax Going to the casino.. 6am- $50 left - last drinks looking over the habour On the way back to the car... Blew all our cash back we still have our dignity.....right? Pub days someone got glassed in the toliets chicken shop caught fire pong good swimming hole lots of drinking chinese poker Took a couple shot on NYE on the habour More to come.......
  13. When i was young i went crazy on pretty much everything. Fucked me up a fair bit, but those experiences made me who i am now., and i had the opportunity to do it all again, I wouldn't change anything. I don't think it matters what you do or don't do, but what you take from it. Sounds corny, but fuck it.
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