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  1. yeah thats what it is just scraped the paint off. bigger lines than a pink dot?
  2. growing up in brooklyn ny i saw graffiti often but what actually had an impact on my was this crazy piece i saw on the way to school in the fourth grade everyday. i didnt know what it said but i thought it looked sick. i asked my bro what it said and he didnt know either. remained a mystery but between that and my brother i decided to start writing. i thank the dude that did that he changed my life.
  3. i dont know which is worse the people that make the vids or the people that think its cool/good
  4. I just look all directions and then catch my tag or w/e. in the book the art of getting over i think vfr said he acts like hes tying his shoelace and does his tag from the bottom up. but if anyone sees you play it cool and if you see their phone go out walk a little fast but not too fast around a corner and as soon as you're out of site run.
  5. iDarien


    ironlak smells good as hell later on. using that shit for a little rooftop action tonight oh yeah and whoever said that shit about weed scented paint. kill yourself nigga
  6. fuzzy wuzzy was a bear fuzzy wuzzy had no hair fuzzy wuzzy wasnt so fuzzy was he i win
  7. sorry about postin in the wrong place and yeah ive been mixing it a lot ill look for like a nail or something to toss in there thanks
  8. yeah so i started thinning rusto and theres like this really thick shit @ the bottom so i mix that up then i put a little paint thinner in it. runs good but when i let it sit it like seperates. theres this brown layer of shit on top of the rusto. happens to anyone else? im using chrome rusto and mineral spirits paint thinner. thanks
  9. he fucked up a whole lot more than just paint
  10. Yeah if you hate the new fan tip read this. okay so basically this is how you make it spray circle again. When u look @ the cap there will be like a little notch on the inside where the paint comes out. Take a razor blade or a xacto knife and put it in the notch and move the blade up and down. ull carve out the notch and it will go back to spraying circular again.
  11. Well this is the ink recipe i use Take some gel pens and regular pens cut them and put them in a bottle. put in some alcohol in to cover about like half the pens. Shake it up really good then let it sit then shake it again. Get some oink marsh pilot garvey w/e other good shit. Drain out ur pen ink put it in something then put about the same amount of oink marsh garvey w/e in. Mix it up and put it in your favorite mop
  12. iDarien


    about 2 weeks ago i ordered all the LE edition cans ;] well all the recent ones.
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