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  1. Dude Bowzer and Swank straight killin' it. Despize=Dopium! Keep it coming I wanna see more y0!
  2. Nice...I wanna battle Bowzer. Let me dust my boots off first.
  3. I know this is an old post but it this Vicious from El Paso?
  4. I wanna have sex with Oprah Winfrey. She got ass for DAYSSSSSSS!
  5. QUEST RAL....Mah Niggah! lol I wish him and Wreckshop was still active. Fuckin' loved those dudes shit. I got an old sketch book with a Quest throwie and shit in it. I'll have to dig my stuff out sometime and scan some shit. I was more of a "tagger/bomber" dude back in the day...I sucked at piecing and shit. It's fucked up how I came up out of Oklahoma's "old school" but at this point in the game I'm connected to both old and new. Knowing the history is fundamental I believe, but aslong as you got love for the shit and don't disrespect anyone by drawing "first blood" then your good in my book no matter how dope or wack you are. I'll give you respect just for putting your balls out there on the line because you wanna be a writer. Bump REA, and CTD...keep that shit comin' because I love to see it. And for God's sake please someone tell Tabu to quit getting drunk before he goes writing, thats why his shit looks chop slop! haha. Peace...Rod The Bod Ventura! :scrambled:
  6. That whole car is still the dopest dope you ever smoked. I needs me one of dem soon. Bump CTD, and TML ish too. And IronSkillet...man quit posting that gay shit.
  7. True that 9Won8er...glad your around to let some of these chidlins know whats up on the Old School... "You can ride the grindstone, but you can't get a piece of the rock." Kase2 But don't get me wrong, these new school cats got some skills.
  8. Streets is hottttt...I gots to go make my mark ON society, forget in society...your nobody anymore since Obama Flocka Flame. lol What up Ever Elusive! Still the King in my book.
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