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  1. harsh ... love ur work ... keep on keepin on !!!!!
  2. Bad ass post fs .... funk and helm - my niggas ! plus all them wh,kbt,fs niggas ... puttin in work
  3. Funk Chub Rumor is what is up !
  4. funk and the niggas he roll with !
  5. what he said ! Funk Cus ... what dey dooooooo !!!
  6. Met Oil back in 99 while I was attempting to do my first piece. He came out with Deed. I was dumbfounded when they said their names. I was honored to be kicking it with Miami's top dawg writers. I remember him teaching me how to fade colors. The second time i ran across Oil was at the Marina penit. I heard all the rumors about him, but he remembered me and we kicked it again. A week before his passing I remember looking at his pictures online thinking how fresh he is. Then i found out this horrible news. I never really knew him personally, but it hurts me a lot to know he's gone. Oil you will never be forgotten !!! I thought I would share my thoughts because I've known about Oil for over 15 years. My regards go out to his family, friends, crew and everyone on here giving him love. OIL, Bernie ... Rest in Peace brother !!!! over and out (originally BeefJerky) PS: Admin please message me. I have some pictures of Oil painting a Twice piece in Gainesville back in 03'. I would like to send you the hard copies.
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