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Everything posted by salesmanoftheyear

  1. funny ass shit? it just looks like a penis to me. rain.
  2. beat up? is that what you call biting someone these days?
  3. yo wae- i gotta gets my rabies shot now you pussy, you have to fight me with your teeth? try harder next time. and im not allowed where?
  4. that was a ridiculous amount of attachments on my post. and yeah that juice man saved the day.
  5. Dialing for Dollars is trying to find me. and yes, i agree, VA is not the souf.
  6. saw a nice rusle piece down in atlanta a day ago.
  7. bump the fuck out of skum, axion, and bang.
  8. skum, jade, cash. that red on that picket fence is on point.
  9. there is no money to be made in savannah. cops there are done with traveling kids, theyve seen enough.
  10. but im off to camp deluxe... hopping south out of rva today. cold.
  11. i want that UP overland route shirt... i think i can gank one from a thrift store out there.
  12. there is a good soup kitchen there in rocky mt though.
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