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  1. ha, neat! never did pinhole on film, only paper and polaroid. take that thing outside! vast depth of field is one of the nicest aspects of pinhole to play with, and sunlight allows for rather short exposure times. have fun!
  2. Idea is not bad though. Though I hardly have vast amounts of leftover fat or oil to be honest.
  3. thanks for sharing, symbols! nutritional yeast is good stuff, just remember it doesn't like heat; use it in cold stuff, or add it afterwards, just before serving.
  4. bump this thread.. A friend reminded me how good pasta squares are! Just had them. Cut into stripes, sautée with an onion and/or spring onion, add what you like, I threw some cubed tomato, nutritional yeast & some italian parsley. Yum!
  5. Deine Mudder


    ha. well, I hope the both of us will find one that fits.. will not be easy though..
  6. Deine Mudder


    Ahhh.. love that frame. Actually crawled through the old cannondale catalogues that are avaiable online, to track thar particular frame down, after seeing a girl driving past on one of these the other day. In the end I didn't find it, and cannondale custumer support pointed out that this particular paintjob (white with red / brownish logo) has been an 'europe-only' edition. Can you confirm this? Would love to buy one of these one day, but they really are hard to find..
  7. Olympus XA. Most neat 35mm cam I ever had.
  8. Just throwing this in here: Cyanotype In short: you can have big fun with that technique using large b/w negs, stencils, et cetera.
  9. I'm able to log in with Safari, but not FF. This does not seem to work anymore.
  10. Interesting stuff, please keep posting!
  11. ...saying I heard the other day: Half-full, half-empty.. Does not matter, that glass is wicked! : ]
  12. Survived crash after microsleep. Everything hurts, but I'm here !
  13. Interesting thread! So did anyone print caffenol-negs by now?
  14. Worked for me. Google also mentions that this website may be 'hacked'.
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