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  1. Thaks for the pictures Mercer. What a situation there, ooof...
  2. ^ this, and the other guys advice were also good. i'd bring the zoom, too, if it's any good. not necessarily for the 'posed' shots but for afterwards fun of people, when they're moving.
  3. could you feel whether the film advance lever was acting weird, or did you notice whether the rewind crank on the right was moving normally? before and after the crash? wish you luck with the pictures!
  4. BERLIN zine fest this weekend, if anyone's interested: http://zinefestberlin.com/
  5. No hardcore burning brick slying again, but hey..
  6. I haz not 'good old Berlin stuff', sorry. pandemonium - Sorry, ich bin mehr so Tourist hier, da wo ich bin gibt's nicht viel 'burner'. Wo e2e und media die Dinger der letzten Seiten herhaben - keine Ahnung.
  7. Image from streetfiles.org I'M SEEING PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! THEY'RE RIGHT AMONGST US! Image from flickr user jotKa26 ..some days later.. I'M SEEING SHIT EVERYWHERE! IT IS RIGHT AMONGST US!
  8. Image from indymedia.org "The boarder does not run between the countries (the peoples), but between top and bottom". This was on a wall of a pretty famous berlin squat for 16 years. It's gone, I think there's a new building next to the squat now. Image from stoyal.de "The boarder does not run between top and bottom, but between you and me" This is only some years old I think, not far from that squat. Kind of a hommage / continuation, I don't know the excact story behind it. Sidenote: looks like it's done with cans on sticks or what the fuck I don't know, the thing is apparently it took three attemps til the thing was finished (there are three pics of different stages of progress online). The house is close to a very big intersection and a bridge, so go figure..
  9. Hmm. Berlin is quite a melting pot of many different nationalities, so english fits well if you want to be understood. Also, in the rap-letter business it's considered more 'cool' I guess. There is a lot of german graffiti in Berlin, but more like political statements etc., humorous / nonsensical propositions, or a mixture of that.
  10. Also, that Allison Harvard picture is keeping me from working.
  11. yea, some stickers etc. in there too, i hope nobody has a problem with that..
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