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  1. i recently decorated my bedroom, now i have some mad ass trippy wallpaper :) anyway, i overbought and have stuff left over. when you buy wallpaper, have a look around that area of the shop and eventually you'll find something along the lines of 'Just add water wallpaper paste'. WALLPAPER PASTE IS THE SAME AS WHEAT PASTE. its easier to make and to get hold of. also its cheap as chips.
  2. i really shouldnt be laughing. o wel. in observation of the sketches...just keep practicing
  3. anyone up 4 an exchange, hit me up. seriously i am well bored
  4. just a dub i finished literally 2 mins ago
  5. what do people mean by trades. what is there to trade? the pictures are there to see..
  6. zomby is an england legend. big up
  7. just a few from my new blackbook.
  8. i like that rush throwie. it flows. :3
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