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Everything posted by cheesypeanuts

  1. thanks for the advice ppl, i kn ow how to do 3d and drop shadow or w.e its just real 3d that jumps off the page thats really difficult..i'll give it another go and post results
  2. just realised i didnt actually post a picture...
  3. first time i tried to do real 3D, a few years back now and i stll dont know what im doing. advice please, not crits
  4. i feel like a dickhead now. just what comes when the police got your town on lock
  5. i cant believe noones mentioned eddings or bingo's yet. those are the shit!
  6. may well be clean, but did you have to bomb someone memorial statue??
  7. must say i agree, these baltimore handys are sick., im from uk as well
  8. not really good at characters, but i thought this guy was alright
  9. dno where ur from but in england we call em dubs. basically flashy throwups. will post a load from my old blackbooks
  10. so i simplified these ones a little bit..crits?
  11. i'll admit, some are better than others, which/what did you have in mind?
  12. will upload more when someone else does. also bump shin325.
  13. bumpin that Aoner sketch fiendish, badass
  14. this is a graffiti forum not a fucking adult friend finder
  15. a bad builder blames his tools
  16. i like the ice cream part, made me lol hard
  17. does anyone else think it smells like cake? smells gurd, i aint into sniffin glue and that shit but damn it smells good to go bombin!!
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