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  1. cool style, but looks a bit too small
  2. lovin the keep6 tag above it. sorry dude, but mans got fame thanks to youtube
  3. masking bad style with pretty colours will only fool yourself
  4. cheesypeanuts

    The Bible

    are there any pics in here or is it just loong links
  5. who is your favourite writer and why? for me, its either ces or dondi, i just love that old skool style so much, and that semi wildstyle thing that has goin on is mad! post pics
  6. like it apart from the triangular holes. thehy look a bit silly. nice style tho
  7. this ones alright, some of the limbs are too thin and a few of the arrows need some work, but i like it. try linking the letters a bit so the whole word flows more. nice style tho
  8. this thread is going steadily downhill, see you later.
  9. 1/ never throw your old caps 2/ Collect them all in a box 3/ Steal a peanut distributor in your favorite bar. and decant all your overcast caps in it 4/ Then fill it with TRICHLOROETHYLENE 5/(Optional) You could sniff some vapors of that shit if you wanna travel for free or wanna die younger 6/ Shake the all stuff, then insert coins (that you, of course, get back at the end of each month) 7/ Alleluia ! Your caps is cleaner than ever
  10. whats so special bout could trains? im from the uk
  11. bout 4, nearly 5 years. dont start wailing on me because i cant do true 3D.
  12. ok, so i went away and produced this. to state the obvious it sucks. i brought it right back to simple block letters. and tried to keep it basic with straight block perspective 3D. the only way i could really make it jump off the page was to put the kink in the word running horizontally through the middle. i hope you can see the concept i went for. however when i had done outlining, i rubbed out the pencil and it just was not happening. CRITS AND ADVICE PLEASE! i can write im not a complete toy its just true 3D i have trouble with. again crits and advice would be much appreciated
  13. use your wrist and really flick the can away from the wall, it helps if you cant reach the end of the letter that you're trying to flare. try standing a little further away from the wall. practice with straight horizontal and vertical lines first. hold the can as normal, but make your wrist limp and flick up/down left/right at the end of your reach
  14. i rob up bare indian ink and random pigments from art college to moke my own inks as well
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