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Everything posted by cheesypeanuts

  1. i live quite near tracks, always makes my day seeing a painted freight. too rare
  2. liking paid's work on here. cool thread bro
  3. dunno, i think i just spaced the letters out unevenly by accident. idealy the A and R would be linked better
  4. ..am interested to see what the land of oz is all about
  5. nice connections, not to keen on the r tho
  6. most original names i heard of were ouk and perinas
  7. not the best quality picture unfortunately but my entry for become battle anyway...
  8. bump this whole thread. full of win
  9. i think jamak deserved that one. also, count me in for become battle
  10. ya'll postin in a troll thread..
  11. just appeals to me more, that sort of edgy dubstyle is cool.
  12. cant believe uk doesnt have a thread in here, i suggest we make this right..anyone else on board?
  13. from a neutral standpoint (uk) i think goose and sike are both good writers. however, i think sike has better style, and style is number one. bad style cant be masked with pretty colours and good can control. goose is good but i think sike has the upperhand
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