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  1. miss the old thameslink days, but this summer has smashed t for fcc's!
  2. heat, maple and tci crew putting in WORK! any1 know what tci stands for?
  3. cheesypeanuts


    Anyone heard of it, anyone used it... reviews? just come through as a new product in my email, seems pretty cheap for 'high' quality must say i am tempted but not beyond that without any reviews :/ http://www.graff-city.com/index.php?cPath=19_97
  4. oh damn i thought mtn was a sort shortened abbreviation for montana :S
  5. what the fuck is the difference between them all?? i know that montana white is gloss and black and gold are matt paints, but whats the difference? i tried to 'research' this shit lookin on websites that sell paint, u know graphotism, fat buddha, graff city shit like that but in their descriptions they basically say the same thing about two different paints. anyone know th fuckin difference?
  6. best thing in this thread. some of you talk way too much shit
  7. that reverend on goin around the corner is cool, nice use of space
  8. http://www.flickr.com/photos/66344972@N00/6660767675/ just done this today
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