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  1. respect your elders, even if they are trees
  2. we dont care sonar, its just.....funny
  3. Linked myself http://www.fox8live.com/news/local/story/Chris-Rose-No-go-for-graffiti/G4qfLIClsUauYBrcHanvOw.cspx?rss=2085
  4. [ATTACH]161257.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]161258.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]161259.vB[/ATTACH] Tis was a good building
  5. Yea took me a min to figure out how to get there, mad props. Bserk Painter Temps Teeh
  6. Iphone photos ain't the best, but when your on bike its the only option. [ATTACH]160838.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]160840.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]160839.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]160841.vB[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]160842.vB[/ATTACH]
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